US-1 Congestion Management/Public Outreach Study

The Martin MPO, in collaboration with Martin County and the City of Stuart, are seeking input on ways to improve traffic and safety on US-1 from the south side of the New Roosevelt Bridge north to the St. Lucie County line.

The study will focus on the challenges with US-1 and ways to improve traffic and safety with alternatives to traditional roadway widening. This project includes a robust public involvement component so the project team can learn firsthand the issues with the corridor from the perspective of people who drive US-1 every day. The goal is to gather as much public input as possible and develop a consensus on the issues and solutions for the study area.

The study will include :

  • Targeted areas for improvements.
  • Opportunities to improve traffic flow other than widening the roadway.
  • Increase connectivity and join access to reduce trips on US-1.
  • Improve the multimodal network within the corridor.
  • Improve safety for all users (automobile, pedestrian, and bicycle).

Quick Facts:

  • Project Location: US-1 from the south side of the new Roosevelt Bridge, north to the St. Lucie County line
  • The study area is approximately 4.8 miles.
  • The first public meeting/Open House was held on May 23, 2024, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 pm at Flagler Center, 201 SW Flagler Avenue in downtown Stuart. Click here to review the slide deck that was presented.
  • There will be a second public meeting in October 2024, in which the preliminary findings will be presented, and the public will be able to prioritize preferred ways to improve mobility on US-1. This will include live polling data and online surveys.

Survey Link

For more information on the US-1 Congestion Management/Public Outreach Study, please call Lucine Martens at (772) 288-5412.