Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

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The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a source of wide-ranging professional expertise for the MPO Board and includes representatives from state and local governmental agencies. The Committee is responsible for advising the Board on all technical matters, including transportation plans, studies, and implementation programs. Additional benefits result from the continuous and worthwhile coordination between Committee Members and agencies.

The TAC consists of 12 voting members. The voting member sponsoring agencies are listed below.

Martin County Public Works(1)
Martin County Growth Management(1)
City of Stuart Planning(1)
City of Stuart Public Works(1)
Town of Sewall’s Point(1)
Village of Indiantown(1)
Town of Ocean Breeze Park(1)
Town of Jupiter Island(1)
Witham Airport Management(1)
Public Transit Provider(1)
Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council(1)
School District Transportation(1)