Transportation Disadvantaged Program

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The Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) program is guided by the fundamental value of coordinated access to empower eligible individuals to have transportation to access critical activities within their community.

In 1989, the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD) was established under Chapter 427, Florida Statutes. The Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) program requires the coordination of federal, state, and local government funds utilized for the provision of transportation services for the transportation disadvantaged. This coordination is accomplished through local programs established under Chapter 427, Florida Statutes and Rule 41-2,

Florida Administrative Code (FAC). Each county within the State of Florida has a Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) whose primary responsibility is the arrangement or provision of transportation services to Florida’s transportation disadvantaged population groups. Chapter 427, F.S. defines “transportation disadvantaged” as: “those persons who because of physical or mental disability, income status, or age are unable to transport themselves or purchase transportation and are, therefore, dependent on others to obtain access to health care, employment, education, shopping, social activities, or other life-sustaining activities or children who are handicapped or high-risk or at-risk as defined in s. 411.202, Florida Statutes.”

To see if you are eligible for TD Service:

Call: (772) 469-2063

Email: [email protected]


To schedule a ride, eligible riders can call contact SRA at (772) 469-2063, Monday – Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Rides should be scheduled at least two business days before the date the trip is needed. Any transportation disadvantaged riders with a complaint or grievance, have the right to a course of action to remedy the situation in which a complaint or grievance arose. View the Martin County TD Program Complaint & Grievance Procedures  the documents section below.

Martin County Transportation Disadvantaged services are governed by a five-year plan called the Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP). This document was adopted by the Martin Local Coordinating Board for Transportation Disadvantaged (LCB-TD) on March 1, 2021.

Additional Transportation Disadvantaged Resources

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