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Transportation resilience is defined as the ability of the transportation system to adapt to changing conditions and prepare for, withstand, and recover from disruption. These disruptions can include extreme weather events, major accidents, and equipment or infrastructure failures.

The Martin MPO is responsible for the transportation planning in Martin County. Part of this effort is to plan how transportation facilities will be impacted by extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and storm surge, as well as sea level rise.

To achieve this, the Martin MPO completed a Transportation Network Resiliency Study.  The purpose of this Study is to provide a mechanism/methodology on how to consider resiliency/climate change in the transportation planning process. Tasks for this study consisted of:

  • Forming a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) to gather feedback from stakeholders on the types of threats to be considered, assets currently exposed, and the criteria for prioritizing projects to mitigate risk and reduce vulnerability of these assets.
  • Develop a methodology to assess exposure of transportation assets in present day conditions and two future planning horizons (2040 and 2070).
  • Develop a set of prioritization criteria to utilize the exposure analysis results in ranking future projects with respect to resiliency.